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Can One Change the Results of Hair Drug Test by Treating Their Hair

In these days, so many companies have started doing drug tests to workers that they want to hire. There are others who do random drug tests for those hired workers. We will not dwell on the time that an employer decides to do a drug test to his or her employers. The process will be uniquely new to a lot of people more especially to those individuals that have not experienced it before. This is because you will be given a cup to pee in. On the grounds that a lot of people used to lie so that they may pass these tests, employees have come up with new testing methods. Hair drug testing is one method that a lot of employees prefer nowadays. Here, your hair is taken for testing to check out if it has any drugs in it. Drug testing on the employees is one way the employers use to make sure that the employers they have been productive. Likewise, hair drug testing is better have you will not be required to go and pee in a small cup. It is on the other hand very hard for a person to lie on a hair drug test. On this grounds you are going to find more information here about any impacts of treating your hair on hair drug testing.

Applying chemicals to your hair will change the general outlook of your hair. But, it does not change the permanent structure of the hair. Thus, the facilitator testing your hair will be able to get some samples of drugs if you have been using them. Nonetheless, repeated bleaching of hair will be able to tamper with the traces of drugs in your hair. Nonetheless, you ought not to do so as this process is very unsafe for human beings. Likewise, the hair that they may ask you for may be the one that you did not bleach. This is due to the fact that they may want to take hair from armpits, beards or even legs. Thus, it is difficult to beat this method when it comes to drug testing.

Even if you bleach your hair over and over again, you may not end up removing all the drugs in it. This is on the ground that this majorly depends on the number of drugs that you used before. An example is that a person that used marijuana once two months ago is likely to beat this drug test method by bleaching. However, if you use drugs on regular occasions it will be hard for you. Drug testing by using hair can be able to detect various types of drugs. A few of the drugs that can be found are cannabis, meth, ecstasy, and heroin among others.